Our Approach

Transient Mic has established itself as an organization created to bring the elements of artists, industry and preservation together. It starts by providing the artist with the unique opportunity to get their voice and talent recorded in our custom mobile studio that will be built with the donations of generous supporters like you. We intend to build a professional studio that fulfills a position within the musical landscape where talent and a body of work can be discovered and nurtured by the right people.

Our non-profit mission- to discover, preserve, and empower artists- was created to provide artists the chance to build their own career path by owning the masters and connect with people in the industry and audiences who want to be a part of their sound. Under this mission, artists can build a following and earn a living through the support of producers, labels, live shows and most importantly, the audience.

We started Transient Mic because we know the artist struggle firsthand. Recording an album is an expensive process. Not everyone has the resources or network available to make recording a possibility. We want to partner with both artist and industry to sustain music and sound as an art form and and as entertainment.

Our Story

The creation of the Transient Mic mission was born out of the passion that David and Jeremy have for the music and sound that have shaped their lives. They first met when David approached Jeremy after a live show to collaborate on a music video for the band. Since then, the two of them became friends with a common thread- creating indie music and film.

This collaboration combined with the challenge to create a space where ideas and music could come together inspired David to pitch the idea of combining a tiny house space with a recording studio and then take this idea one step further by operating it under a non-profit structure in order to offer artists the opportunity to be able to record an album.  If the studio can be built by the donations of a community and an audience willing to support this mission, then the artist who has worked so hard to craft their songs would no longer be limited by locale or budget.

As a musical performer, Jeremy realized the immediate value of this service and from that point on, the two of them have diligently worked to establish Transient Mic as nonprofit aimed at artists who- like them- long to be in a position where they can create and perform freely without the pressure of fundraising and all the expenses necessary to complete an album.

They established the micro studio as solution to a problem that continues to face artist and industry- how do we continue to give voice to deserving talent in a distracted world of sound bites and streaming video without cheapening the sound of music as an art? The answer- We build a studio and take it to the streets and rural places where artists await their chance to get their sound down onto musical tracks.