A Problem Worth Solving

Transient Mic believes culture is enriched when more artists have the ability to preserve their art and share it with the public. As creative professionals, we know firsthand that the significant expense of professional audio and video recording equipment and services can ultimately prevent artists from preserving and distributing their art. These factors prevent many potential contributors to our culture from preserving and disseminating their creative works, and the public suffers from a culture that is less rich, vibrant, and diverse.

Transient Mic aims to seek out artists with distinctive compositions and style to help them produce professional-quality recordings of their creative works. In doing so, we hopes to enhance the public's enjoyment of art and preserve creative works that may otherwise be lost or never given the opportunity to grow.

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Our Vision

Under our nonprofit structure, Transient Mic intends to offer– at no charge– our professional quality audio recording services to talented artists who either cannot afford such services due to economic status or who do not have those services available in their community. Such artists include musicians, spoken word artists and poets, and writers who work in theatre. To qualify for the our services, an artist must have the right to record and distribute the material to be recorded and be willing to have Transient Mic record, preserve, and promote their art.

Our plan is to construct and operate a mobile, professional-quality recording studio that will allow us to bring these our recording services directly to the artists in cities, rural towns and remote locations where music and sound can be discovered, preserved, and shared with audiences around the world.

Transient Mic does not intend to compete with large labels, but rather, support the industry as a pathway for underdeveloped artists wishing to create a body of work that can flourish among audiences. We provide the tools necessary for emerging talent to remain an indie performer or enter into a record deal. This option is key to the success of the artist and the music industry. Good music is created by good artists and this talent must be preserved and shared with audiences regardless of who owns the masters.

The mission of Transient Mic is clear. We aim to fulfill the need for artists to be able to record their songs, grow an audience and continue to create without limitation. In this light, we seek to bring artists and industry together as a creative vehicle that works to increase the value of music as an art form and a product of entertainment.


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Show Your Support

Our initial goal for Phase I is to raise funds to build and equip a mobile micro-studio where we can record, mix, master, and distribute music for artists around the world. Upon completion of Phase I fundraising, expenses will shift from studio build into operations an artist development in Phase II.

The production goal is to record eight to ten full-length albums a year along with numerous singles.

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What can we accomplish?

Your donation makes it possible to build our first studio that will give artists the opportunity to record their music in our mobile studio at no cost. Under our non-profit structure, Transient Mic can provide a professional studio experience for musicians and songwriters who deserve the chance to be heard. Working together, we can bring artist's musical ideas to fruition and preserve their unique sound which can be shared around the world.

Play It Forward

We are a registered Texas nonprofit company in the process of filing for a 501(c)(3) designation. With the help of supporters like you, we can take the first step towards our vision of the first-ever nonprofit mobile micro studio. Click below if you would like to help us accomplish our goals through your generous support!